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Group Personal Training

Club 24 Fitness

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30 Day Unlimited Access

Get access to all group personal training sessions for 30 days. Great for all strength levels. Looking for structure in your workouts? Let our trainers do the planning. Show up and expect results!


  • Monday: Strength based program will have you leaving with an epic arm and glute pump. WARNING - sitting maybe slightly painful.
  • Tuesday: This is a core focused strength based session. Definitely a crowed pleaser! 
  • Wednesday: Never skip leg day. This strength based total body workout will focus a great deal on everything below the waist!
  • Thursday: This is a back focused strength session perfect cure to weak backs and improving posture! 
  • Friday: Triceps are 2/3 of your arm, why not put them to work for you? Don't worry, we can't spend the whole time just on tri's, we will get you weekend ready!
See you in the group training room.
Good for 30 Days after purchase. Must be a member to join.