Classic Membership: MONTH-TO-MONTH

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Where it all started… a membership where like-minded individuals gather to improve & escape life’s daily battles in a fully equipped home away from home with everything you need and nothing you don’t – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, and Arbor Day!

With our Classic MONTH-TO-MONTH Membership, you get 24-hour access to every Club 24 location 365 days a year, 7 days a week allowing you to work out when it's most convenient for you. Be sure to select the location of the gym you intend to visit the most often.

Looking to add your spouse or children (dependents that 14 yrs. or older)?  Select the "Add-On" membership item at checkout.

Gym memberships online? How's that work?

When you checkout you are securing your membership, as well as paying for your first month and joining fees. Upon successfully checking out you get an email receipt for your first months' dues and joining fees. At the same time, we receive your order and assign it to a member of our Member Support team who uses your order information (minus your credit/debit card) to write up our Membership Agreement paperwork.

You will then receive a second email from us with the Membership Agreement for you to complete and electronically sign. By completing your Membership Agreement we receive a notification you are done with the paperwork!

Our team then creates your membership card and we will personally deliver it to your home. If your paperwork is completed before noon you'll actually get your keycard the same day (paperwork completed afternoon will be delivered the next day). Why are we delivering your keycards? Keycards are being delivered (contactless) by our team since we have had to greatly reduce our staff within the clubs - we don't want you having to "catch" someone at the club.

Getting into the gym


When you go to the club the first time, please keep in mind that when you swipe your card successfully you will hear a "beep" and the light on the card swipe will turn green. If that does not happen please flip your card so the strip is on the opposite side and try again. It may take the door a second or two to unlock after you swipe your card. 

You need to stop there at the front desk after entering to take your temperature (must be below 100.4 degrees to enter). Then complete the sign-in sheet as required by state mandate.

Practice good gym etiquette by using designated wipes or paper towels and spray bottles to thoroughly wipe down equipment after each use. Respect others' personal space and practice social distancing while enjoying your time at the club.

When you leave, please go back to the sign-in sheet so that you can sign out.



*This is your first month's payment ($44.99) and your joining fee ($79.00) will be added once you put the membership in your cart. This membership is a month-to-month membership that requires a 30-Day notice and meeting the full financial terms of our agreement is required for cancellation (as outlined in your agreement).